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   Jordan is a Middle Eastern country, bordered to the north by Syria, east by Iraq, east and south by Saudi Arabia and west by the Gulf of Aqaba (through which makes maritime border with Egypt), Israel and the territory Palestinian West Bank. Its capital is the city of Amman.

Jordan is a country with history. It is the birthplace of the oldest towns and villages of Man and can still be seen traces of many of the great world civilizations.

Jordan is essentially a vast plateau whose altitude decreasing going from the relatively low mountains of the western to the eastern borders. The western part is the hilly, not only because of the mountain, but the abrupt descent to the depression which connects the Red Sea to the Dead Sea and Jordan River.

The whole country is desert or semi-desert, with less arid zone also one where crowding most of the population to the northwest, separated from the West Bank by Jordan. The largest cities are Amman and Irbid.

Jordan is undoubtedly a Kingdom steeped in history and culture. From the moment we arrived , soon we feel its rich heritage and all around there are remnants of past civilizations, however, remain stained in the heart of this amazing Kingdom and soul of the people who live there.

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